About Us


Established in July 2007, Mobilport Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. (Mobilport Information Technology Systems, Inc) is a firm that provides customer relations management services to Turkey's leading firms through a call center.

Mobilport comes into play as a solution partner for firms that are experts in their own fields as they pass on their various goods and services to customers, and it does this by forming a tie between customer and firm thus enabling that process to be completed more easily, quickly and effectively. This synergy not only contributes to customer satisfaction, it also allows the firms to focus more on their own areas of expertise.

In keeping with its understanding of quality service Mobilport always emphasizes customer satisfaction. This characteristic of the company not only makes a contribution to the improvement of the call center sector, it also enables access to a customer base that is growing larger with each passing day by continually expanding its own structure. With a staff of over 300 customer service personnel the Mobilnet Telecommunications Company serves Turkcell individual pre-paid line users through the Credit Line brand and is a sister company of Mobilport. Thanks to the synergy created by the continual sharing of know-how and experience between these two companies, they are exhibiting a healthy rate of growth fueled by the power they receive from one another.

Human Resources

Career Management

Through its use of modern and strategic human resources practices our company sets a worker profile calling for people who are experts in their profession, possessing the skills requiremened by the job, who are highly motivated and are willing to learn, improve themselves and create synergy. If you wish to join the Mobilport family, which brings modern human resources practices to life and which cares greatly for its employees; You can share your CV with us by using the link given below for our vacant positions

In accordance with our institutional culture, a fair and consistent pay scale is applied for our employees in accordance with their duties and responsibilities. Salaries are calculated annually taking into account beginning-of-year inflationary increases. In addition to pay raises calculated on an employee's performance over the previous year, there are also practices that motivate our employees to perform better, that increase their loyalty to the company and encourage them to be productive.


Every employee who starts work for our company is given "Orientation Training." In addition to this, surveys are carried out within the company to enable an analysis of our employees' training requirement to be made. The results of these surveys enable training topics to be identified and the relevant training to be given. Our aim here is to further our employees' personal development through communications and training programs and, by supporting creativity and active participation in business transactions, to increase the company's performance.

Employees' Rights

In addition to salaries our company also affords the following rights to its employees:

Annual Paid Leave

Annual leave is granted in accordance with the Employment Law. Employees with us for between one and five years are allowed 14 working days leave annually. Employes with us for between five (fifth year included) and 15 years are allowed 20 working days leave. Employees with us for more than 15 years (15th year included) are allowed 24 working days leave.

Administrative and Other Leaves of Absence

Administrative leave is given to our employees for weddings, illnesses and other needs.


Based on the commission system currently in effect should the preset monthly sales target be met within any given month a commission will be paid at the end of the month in addition to the monthly salary.

Health Insurance

Following the completion of a trial period our employees are given the right to use the private health insurance plan.


Our day-working employees are given lunch while our shift-working employees are given lunch or an evening meal whenever they are at work.


We provide a shuttle service for our employees along specific routes so that they can come and go to work. Employees who live off the shuttle routes are given travel expenses.

Other Supplementary Benefits

With the aim of sharing in the happiness of employees during such occasions as weddings and childbirth our company provides assistance at predetermined rates.