Firms wishing to take advantage of a prepaid system in the use of bulk SMS use Turkcell's pre-paid bulk SMS system. The pre-paid application provides a practical and user-friendly system to individual and institutional customers alike, and it is thanks to these characteristics that this system is being adopted by more and more firms every day. Mobilport is Turkcell's center for sales and payments in this system. For more detailed information on the use of pre-paid bulk SMS please visit Turkcell's website or call our team on the 0532 755 0 767 SMS Line.

A project in the field of SMS sending has been embarked on jointly with the Netsis Software Company, which is one of Turkey's leading software companies.

The Mobilport Call Center provided various supporting services to this program, which enables SMS to be sent in bulk to outlets and business partners when necessary and also enables inforamtive SMS to be sent to customers and business partners automatically as a result of certain processes that take place within the program. These services included the call center being used to promote the application to program users, bring it on line, and carry out sales transactions..

For more detailed information on automaticaly sending SMS please visit the Netsis Software website.