With its experienced staff and its technologically advanced infrastructure Mobilport provides firms with various call center services.

It is very important that an analysis is made of every customer contacted in every one of our services, which are briefly outlined below. Thanks to the customer behavior analyses, which are carried out both before a service is provided and continuously while the service is being provided, the correct product is given to the user via the correct service channel.

Customer Gaining and Other Growth Services

Our customer gaining services include briefing customers on products and services that they were previously unaware of, marketing this product or service and sales transactions.

Our customer gaining services also include telesales using both inbound and outbound calls to firms' customers (B2C) or to other firms they are doing business with (B2B) plus the running of other activities such as campaigns, membership and orders placed using inbound calls on behalf of firms.

As part of our services to increase customer value we aim to build on the synergy created by already existing customers. The practice of both inbound and outbound telesales in one method used effectively in this service.

Customer Loyalty Services

The common goal of these services is to keep a customer on as a user of firm, a product or a service and to keep customer loyalty as high as possible.

Among the cusotmer loyalty services provided by Mobilport are Dedicated Customer Representatives, "loyalty club" services, churn programs and the handling of customer complaints.